I like a genuine fire, who doesn’t, a warm as well as atmospheric focal point for any type of room.

We originally had 2 wood burning stoves on our drawings. One in the open plan kitchen area / dining / living space as well as one in the snug. We’re installing an Air source warm Pump in the new home as a result we will no longer be burning heating oil as well as I’m truly thankful about that. So thankful in truth that I framed my final heating oil expense from the old home (no really).

Leading on from all this we started to think, what if we cut everything out? Not just the heating oil, however gas as well as wood too. The a lot more we talked about it the a lot more it just felt ideal not to shed anything anymore.

And the a lot more we looked into it the a lot more we checked out from owners of similar airtight houses doing the exact same – or wanting they had…

I likewise like the concept of never running out of fuel again. No concerns about ordering oil, altering gas cylinders, getting Bio Ethanol or stacking as well as bring firewood.

Levegő minősége

And there’s one more consideration right here too. By now everybody is conscious exactly how harmful burning coal is, however there are some stark health and wellness warnings around the type of wood burning stove we had in our last house too, something that was verified by our Foobot as well.

Some older wood burning stoves with specific wood fuel can be worse than a diesel cars and truck for PM2.5 particulates as well as open fires are worse still. Here’s a great BBC post on the subject…

Most people don’t realise that a wood burning stove emits a lot more bits per hour than a diesel truck….the government will ban the sale of the most polluting fuels as well as make sure that only the cleanest stoves are offered to buy by 2022.

While there are cleaner stoves offered now, as well as appropriately dried wood from a credible vendor can truly minimise the particulates, there seems bit point in all the air filtration of our MVHR system only to introduce all this stuff back inside the house. as well as even if it isn’t entering your space it’s still contributing to bad air high quality outside.

Other advantages in eliminating the two chimneys from our develop were the associated expense cost savings as well as ideally an enhancement in our airtightness too.

We may still choose to in shape an electric terminate similar to this one


Burning wood has been thought about as carbon neutral as well as sustainable. however the time scale for the replacement tree to clean up the CO2 from that burning is progressively being seen as a problem…

But while burning wood promptly releases carbon, it takes decades or even a century for a replacement tree to take in the exact same amount of carbon. In the meantime, all that atmospheric carbon will continue to drive climate change.

But doesn’t electrical energy production still utilize gas as well as even some coal too? True, however just like with an electric car, an electrical heating system will get cleaner over time as a lot more as well as a lot more of our energy comes from renewables. The all island fuel mix for 2018 shows that already nearly half of our electrical energy is coming from renewable sources. You can likewise select a 100% renewable electrical energy tariff too. add your own Solar PV as well as it gets even better.

All this eco stuff seems great, however then I’m reminded of my hypocrisy for selecting to opt for a block develop with all this concrete.

Electric Avenue

So then, a home that needs only one type of energy, electricity. however that’s likewise a single point of failure, what if the electrical energy gets cut off? Our old petrol generator is sufficient of a backup for the fundamentals for now. In the future it may be typical location to pull power back from our electric car’s battery to feed the house (V2G).

Alternatively a domestic battery configuration such as this one might be utilized to store power that might be created by ourselves from a Solar PV system or gotten cheaply with an overnight tariff as well as kept for utilize in the day time or during power cuts. like a great deal of things on the present desire list, a PV system as well as battery is something that may not make it into our develop at the start, however it’s absolutely something we’re planning for in the future.

This whole no fires thing may all seem a bit questionable ideal now. perhaps we’ll even regret our decision, time will tell.

But, it feels right.


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