It’s fair to state that our publish earlier this month – Z-Wave Controller Compatibility Frustrations grow as dealership Vents – ruffled a few feathers.

So here’s the response from the Z-Wave Alliance. It’s full of fascinating as well as exposing information, directly from the horse’s mouth.

Just Perception?

Is it just perception that compatibility has gotten worse?

The Z-Wave alliance as well as Sigma Designs, maker of Z-Wave innovation continue to work to assist manufacturers move beyond interoperability to compatibility with all gadgets in the market. The understanding that compatibility has gotten worse comes from the truth that the Z-Wave ecosystem has experienced tremendous growth in the past a number of years with currently over 2100 licensed gadgets on the market. With Z-Wave Plus, an updated accreditation program introduced a number of years ago, we produced classifications understood as “device types” which focus particularly on gadget performance from the individual point of view, enabling gadgets to be much better acknowledged by Z-Wave controllers.

Plus or Minus

According to the Alliance, Z-Wave plus gadgets now comprise almost half of worldwide modules…

In 2017, 98% of new certifications were Z-Wave plus with general Z-Wave plus certifications making up almost half of the lifetime overall – as well as we are hopeful that compatibility will ended up being even much better in the future.

So does all that Plusness equate to better compatibility?

Certification addresses interoperability first as well as foremost, however Sigma styles has taken steps to address compatibility as well.  To clear up the difference, it is important to understand that interoperability ensures that Z-Wave “device types” from different manufacturers can interact with one another, such as door locks as well as illumination devices. Compatibility ensures that “device types” are enabled in the gateway.

Várj, mi? If we’ve got to begin as well as explain to individuals about the difference between “interoperability” and “compatibility” I reckon we’ve lost 99% of the population directly away.

The Controller Problem

So what about the controller problems that stimulated this debate?

Last year a well-defined set of minimum needed “device types” was established for manufacturers of controllers; these new demands mean that the gateway (controller) must support lighting, thermostats, door locks, as well as other minimum needed “device types.” Sigma styles continues to boost these demands as well as has introduced platforms for manufacturers that make it quicker as well as easier to produce controller products, while at the exact same time establishing a extremely high level of device compatibility. Gateway manufacturers may select to work with specific partner brands, as well as this is a business decision on the part of the two manufacturers beyond the manage of Sigma or the Alliance.

Because of Z-Wave’s interoperability promise, they are not enabled to totally block any type of manufacturer’s product from working with the gateway, so what you see is a minimum level of performance offered to non-preferred brands, as well as full performance provided for favored brands.  If the option of brands as well as products offered by a gateway manufacturer are not to the consumer’s liking, they may select to purchase the gateway or service from one more brand that does not favor favored brands. With over 230 different gateway controllers to select from around the world, consumers have many options when looking for a gateway provider.”

So in addition to Z-Wave, Z-Wave Plus, interoperability as well as compatibility now we have to think about that some controllers only have a “minimum level of functionality” as well as not the “full functionality” of others?

How is the end-user expected to understand any type of of this? more significantly why should they have to?


I’m truly starting to believe the further we get into the 21st century the worse things are getting for the wise house owner. When there were only a lots X10 modules to select from at least things were simple. more option is not equating to a more seamless wise home.

Sure, people who buy a Z-Wave socket to manage an appliance remotely are most likely going to be OK. however the people who want to take things seriously, the ones willing to spend great deals of their hard-earned on a comprehensive system and controller are the ones that are truly getting a raw deal.

Gondol. Improve.

This is not an assault on Z-Wave. like I’ve stated before I own lots of Z-Wave set myself. They are far from alone here, these problems include an entire industry.

But things are not improving, in truth they are getting worse. As end individuals it’s time for us all to put pressure on those included in designing as well as building these systems.

Because this mess cannot continue.

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